Bathbomb Pamelas Healing waters bath bomb

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these bath bombs are made with Pamelas miracle oil and have been said to work miracles meaning pain has been said be gone. hints the name healing waters. 

  • Pamelas Miracle Oil- its no secret this blend is a miracle, and my mom knew it she used it daily to help with her fibromyalgia, seizures, migraines, MS, just aches and pains she lived with all day long. She said this was what she needed to bathe in because it just works! This blend helps treat sooooooo many many many things that my mom was inspiration for creating this. Miracle oil helps with pain relief from cramps to infection externally and internally. This has oils in it making it a powerful anti-inflammatory- high antiseptic antiviral and helps speed up recovery and healing process. This blend has been used to help with bruises and relieving swelling, promotes healing of muscles ligaments and tendons useful for treating spasms nerve pain arthritis sore muscles headaches insect bites scars burns rashes and sprains even broken bones and so so so much more.


Ingredients: Sodium Bicarbonate, citric acid, corn starch, sodium carbonate, sodium sulfate, succinic acid, sodium citrate, denatonium benzoate, yellow 5, blue 1, Epsom salt, orange, Eucalyptus, Lavandula, peppermint, witch hazel extract, aloe leaf, agave extract, Vitamin E, Juniper berry, copaiba, lavender, trauma care, calendula, st johns wort, ylang ylang, vitamin E, Vetiver, Chamomile, hemp seed, frankincense, Geranium, arnica, clove, avocado, coconut oil.